When i type in my friend's tumblr url it takes me to another site.?

Answer sounds like malware on your computer or attached to your friends URL. if it's on your computer you can scan with your antivirus/spyware software to remove that, but if it is on your friends sites t... Read More »

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What type of services does the site wikipedia provide Yahoo India has regular feature on this site?

it is very simple, visit and find out. why wait for answers from others. u can do it yourself

My tumblr site wont open...?

You're right, it can't be found and it's not going to a Tumblr not-found page. Log in and change your theme, perhaps, because maybe that's what the page can't find?

Why is when I use google now and I click on a link it always takes me to a shopping site instead of where I?

You have a DNS hijacker. Your router has likely been redirected (and my guess it's somewhere like the Ukraine). The ONLY program I found that would delete it was Super Anti Spyware. See the source ... Read More »

How To Find Friends On Tumblr?

see in the top right corner where is says search.. type them in there.