Everytime me and my boyfriend have sex all his sperm comes back out again. Whys this?

Answer if ur boyfriens the one with the 5 incher?i told u that isnt what it is

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Everytime I move my moniter turns off then back on I have had this for 9 years is that the problem or what?

Check all your cable connections first...Nine years is about the life of a monitor.

I have olympus u760 its giving error D8234 everytime i switch it on,plus lens wont roll back,what's way out?

Try olympus support for your camera. See the link below>>>>>>>

If a person got out of the US Navy with an Honorable dicharge after four years would the person be allowed to go back in?

If you get a wrong text, is it better to ignore it or send a text back saying it's the wrong number?

Well...just IGNORE it.If it happens again, send it back saying it's the wrong number!!!~ cuzz if u dun send it bac, maybe you'll keep getting a text from that ppl.~