When i remove a friend from Facebook - are they notified?

Answer No, they just won't be able to view your profile anymore

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Will my friend get notified on Facebook if I delete an old comment I posted for her?

actually yeah she will get notified.Not by Facebook, but via her E-MAIL !!!!!!!did u forget that ?For example , if you sent me a friend request ...and then you canceled it.i will get notified ! not... Read More »

In facebook how can I remove a friend from my friend list who has blocked me ..?

dude first of all block option is made for blocking people so that you cant view their profile if she doesn't want you to see her profile she ill block you, which you can't notice unless you try ... Read More »

If you hide or delete a friend's post on your timeline, are they notified?

How can I be notified when someone likes my pic on facebook?

Log into facebook.Open your facebook account settings.then click notifications tab on the left side listed.Enable Email and text messaging in that to get notified in your email and your mobile.