When i put tags on YouTube it says put at least one tag for my video?

Answer It's a little too much. Heres a hint how to get more views, put about 13 tags that have to do with famous stuff (example:xxx charlestrippy fred smosh) stuff like that

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When i watch a youtube video it says not available in your country any help on how to change this?

Change your ip to a United States ip using a proxy or something. Copyright issues and stuff. Otherwise find a different source.

Every single video on YouTube says 'adding comments has been disabled for this video'?

youtube is currently performing maintinence which is disabling comment, ratings, and other things.

It says my YouTube video is a duplicate of another video?

It probably happens now more often due to the way they quickly check content against millions of other videos (hashing I guess) Just add an intro or something, that should fix the error you are rec... Read More »

What is your least fav video on youtube?