When i poo i never have to wipe much?

Answer That is called a "drive by" poop and is a sign of excellent health and nutrition. But please continue to clean yourself.

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When i wipe i see a bunch of blood on the toilet paper am i getting my period i am 14 and never had my period?

Awwwh...Yes dear congratulations for you maturity into womanhood. Another flower has blossomed. Be sure not to loose your petals anytime soon.

How do i wipe some information on my computer so it can never be found again?

Eraser = = Eraser 5.84 =…… = No File Recovery AnalogX SuperShredder = http://... Read More »

Is it normal to have a discharge when you wipe yourself at 4 and a half weeks?

Answer I cant really say if it is normal i was 7 weeks pregnant and i had a discharge that was brown and i miscarried a day later, you really need to talk to your ob/gyn about what it looks like. I... Read More »

Why do I never seem to have sexual dreams when I sleep?

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