When i play minecraft my monitor turns off?

Answer No It has nothing to do with windows. Your monitor let's say has a 1200x900 resolution and the game requires 1227x950 . Your monitor can't handle that resolution so it switch off. Happens to me asw... Read More »

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How much resolution do you need on a monitor to play Minecraft?

Whichever resolution you prefer. I've seen it run as low as 800x600 and higher than 1600x900

My monitor turns on but goes black?

I think the back light is going out. Not much--I believe--you can do about it unless you're willing to open it up. I'd suggest getting a new one instead of trying to find someone to fix it. I'm not... Read More »

The Monitor Won't Turn On After It Turns Off?

You may encounter a time when your computer powers on, but the monitor does not. Troubleshooting techniques can help you weed out the more common reasons for the issue, before taking the monitor to... Read More »

PC turns on, monitor, mice, keyboard don't [URGENT]?

This looks really bad. If there was light on the mouse when the PC was ok and there is no anymore. I would suspect that your PC is dead. now the good news is that your files are probably well safe ... Read More »