When i goint to get a girlfrien?

Answer When you ask out your sister

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Say i was goint to do this would i survive?

I guess technically, you could. But it's highly unlikely you would succeed. I give you a .50 percent chance of doing successfully, a 49.50 percent chance of killing yourself, and a 50 percent chanc... Read More »

I had sex with my girlfrien no condom but dont want her pregnet help!?

It's recommended that you take Plan B (aka the morning after pill) no later than 72 hours after unprotected sex, but the sooner the better to prevent pregnancy. Plan B should be available at many d... Read More »

When i make a long distance call, does it start charging when the person answers, or when i dial?

most of the call whether local, international or on the cellular network usually get charged once the call has been answered ... either by the individual himself or by the answering machine or any ... Read More »

What is wrong when your butt hurts when and bleeds when you poop?

Its probably haemorrids (i.e. piles). Go to the doc, he'll give you a cream to ease them and probably pills to get rid of them.