When i filled out the FAFSA form, the EFC i got at the end was very high?

Answer Without viewing the actual numbers on your FAFSA it would be wrong of anyone to say if something was filled out incorrectly.Let's say your parents AGI was over 6 figures and that they have a net wo... Read More »

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Filled out my FAFSA... What next?

Go to or call your schools finanicial aid office and tell them what you just did. They will give or send you additonal paperwork you must fill out and return to them. Be sure you also apply for a... Read More »

When does your FAFSA have to be filled out?

There are separate federal, state and college FAFSA deadlines, each of which may vary from year to year. Current federal and state deadlines are available at the U.S. Department of Education's Fede... Read More »

Filled out the FAFSA and my ECF is 0000...?

Nick ...When your FAFSA is scored, there are certain criteria that automatically result in an EFC score of 0. Zero is the lowest possible score, and a score of 0 means that you are qualified for t... Read More »

Is there any way to get into college with out a FAFSA filled out other than paying cash?

Encourage your mother to speak with the financial aid office at the school you want to attend or if you are in high school, your guidance counselor. As a financial aid specialist I encountered thi... Read More »