When i drink soda i burp out bubbles and fiz?

Answer Yes and it is disgusting.

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Why are bubbles released when a bottle or can of soda is opened?

Opening a can or bottle of soda, with its fizzy flavors and fragrant bubbles, offers an opportunity to witness a pressure change firsthand. The small bubbles that release upon opening help equalize... Read More »

When bubbles form in water bottles at room temperature is it safe to drink or store in fridge?

It is safe to drink as long as it is not expired. You may check the expiration date on the top of the water bottle. if you can't see it, rub your thumb near the top until you can feel a scratchy sp... Read More »

Would bubbles in your stomach when you are pregnant an gas bubbles feel the same way?

Answer Normal gas bubbles are regionalized in your abdomen, you are usually aware that, "oh that was my stomach getting a little upset." If the bubbles are spread out in random places, and sometim... Read More »

What happens when i drink warm soda?

Your taste buds will revolt from the gruesome acidity of the soda and your tongue will learn to betray you. It might not taste foods properly for years to come. This is before the moon falls to the... Read More »