When i drag a file into pepakura it says cannot load specified type?

Answer This simply means you must convert the file to a different format. ideally .jpg or one of the many other photo formats that would be recognized.

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Can a ssw file load a pdf?

An .ssw file is associated with the "Sealed" application by Sealed Media and is not capable of opening a .pdf file. A .pdf file is a document that is opened by Adobe Acrobat and compatible software... Read More »

How to Load an ISO File?

An ISO file represents an exact copy of a CD or DVD and can be useful in various situations. Whether you just want to back up your discs or you want to create an accurate copy of a CD or DVD and ne... Read More »

My pepakura wont print any colors !! only lines any help !!!?

You haven explained the problem in much detail, but this is a possible solution - Go to the "Others" menu and turn on the "Texture On/Off" setting, so it has a 'tick' next to it.

How to Load an MDF File into SQL Server Express?

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