When i connect my phone to my computer, i hear a sound but nothing shows up.?

Answer Well, you first need to install the LG software. You can download it on the LG website.Edit: Sure I could. Don't you think it is about time you learned how to do a simple search though? Type LG in ... Read More »

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Why cant i hear sound on esvbible website on my samsung phone?

Check your media volume it is probably turned down. If not reload the webpage or video and it should work fine. Good luck have a wonderful day!

Why the beats headphones has not sound when connect computer?

I can hear the surround sound great but i cant hear the ?

Are you using a home theatre receiver with no center speaker? If so, go into the menu on the receiver and find speaker setup. Where it says center speaker change the setting to "none" or "phanto... Read More »

My new HD camcorder video files are in avi format and wont play on my computer you can hear sound but no video?

Hi Ayladid you know that you can upload straight from the camera via a usb cableto youtube ? you could then do whatever you want to them select the videos you want to uplaod thenhook up your camcor... Read More »