When having your period?

Answer You'll most likely get cramps a day or two before so you'll know you're period is coming. Also, you can feel it when it's coming down so you do have time to run into the bathroom and put on a pad/... Read More »

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What does it mean when you are having cramps like you are getting ready to start your period but you haven't started yet and your also having pregnancy symptoms?

What does it mean when your not having cramps and your on your period?

Not everyone gets cramps, and they aren't always the same, sometimes fierce and sometimes non-existant. There is nothing to worry about, this is absolutely normal.

When do you get your period after having a baby?

Answer Some people resume their normal cycle 1-2 monts after birth, and some not for 6 months. If you are nursing it could be a year or more depending on how long you nurse. I nursed my last child... Read More »

Can you have sex when you are not having your period and get pregant?

Definitely. You are most fertile 14 days after your period starts, but you are always a little bit fertile so be careful and use protection no matter what time of the month it is.