When getting a massage, is it best not to eat beforehand?

Answer Hi Threeicys,It is best "not" to eat, at least a half hour before your session... You don't want to eat a full meal beforehand.... Your body uses great energy on digestion, and needs time....Massa... Read More »

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Do celebrities prepare for interviews beforehand?

Yes, pretty much 100% of the time they will be told what the questions will be beforehand, and their people will make sure the questions are appropriate and not too personal. That's why the intervi... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Massage?

More and more, science is revealing the surprising health benefits of massage. A massage may change the very hormones in your body, leading to less stress and greater relaxation. Reduced muscle sor... Read More »

When is the best day to have intercourse without getting pregnant?

Usually about a week after the last period, a week before ovulation. However, be aware, there is no "best day." Depending on the longevity of the sperm and the timing of ovulation, pregnancy can oc... Read More »

After getting a MASSAGE, should the therapist be tipped?