When eating Chinese do you use chop-sticks or a fork?

Answer Chopsticks-get the full experience! It's not a chinese if I haven't spilt half down my chest.

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Why do the Chinese use chop sticks?

According to the, the Chinese have used chopsticks for more than 5,000 years. They are now not only an indelible utensil in Chinese culture, but many other Asian countries as w... Read More »

Hairstyles With Chinese Sticks?

Hairstyles that use sticks have been around for centuries, dating as far back as ancient Egyptian times and continuing through ancient Chinese culture into modern Chinese culture. Sticks come in a ... Read More »

Why do Chinese people use chopsticks and not fork and spoon?

China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam food is usually eaten with chopsticks; but it was the Chinese who were the earliest culture some five thousand years ago. Their food cooked in pots required twigs t... Read More »

When you eat Chinese or other Asian food do you use chopsticks or a knife and fork?

I use the chopsticks to play air-drummer and eat my food with that little plastic spork. I'm not ashamed. I am a great drummer and a pretty good sporker.