When doing minor remodeling to a home is it better to complete the kitchen before replacing wood floors and carpet in other parts of the home or does the order of events not mater?

Answer The order of events does matter. You would want to complete the kitchen and any other big tasks before replacing wood floors & carpet. That way you won't ruin the floors by heavy traffic or doing s... Read More »

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How do I Design a Kitchen for Catered Home Events?

If you enjoy hosting parties, you know that the food you serve is one aspect that can turn a normal dinner into an unforgettable smash hit. Hiring a catering service will allow you to relax and enj... Read More »

Replacing kitchen faucet in Mobile home question?

Pretty much. But turn the water off and take the old one with you to be safe and you could replace it with a single control model.

When remodeling a kitchen, should new floors or cabinets be done first?

When remodeling a kitchen, the cabinets should always be done before the floors. Doing floors first requires too much preparation to protect the floors from the rest of your remodeling. Floors shou... Read More »

I'm helping my new girlfriend remodeling. Hardwood floors or carpet?

I would say pull up every stitch of carpet in my house and put down either wood floors or ceramic tile and add some area rugs and runners for your feetThe carpets get filthy from people tracking mu... Read More »