When does your miss period happen?

Answer when you are supposed to have your period. A missed period is not bleeding at the time you are scheduled to have your period.

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If you miss a period does that mean your definitly pregnant even if you used a condem 1 week after your last period?

When you pop your cherry do you miss your period?

PLAIN AND SIMPLY...NOAnswerYes, your period can be delayed due to many factors. The chemistry of your body has changed, stress and the fact that you probably lost some blood already. Mine was del... Read More »

Can you get your period and be pregnant at the same time and miss your next period?

AnswerYes you can. It usually isn't a normal period but it can be.

Does it mean your not pregnant if you think you are but you happen to get your period 4 days earlier then expected?

Answer Each person is different. The developing egg could still be in the tubes to the ovaries when your period hits, which means that you still have a chance to become pregnant. It is better to t... Read More »