When does your child need braces?

Answer On One Hand: Braces Can Correct Problems EarlyIn some cases, braces might be the best solution for a child, even before he's lost all of his baby teeth. Occasionally, teeth are crooked to the point... Read More »

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At what age should a child get braces?

On One Hand: The Average Age for BracesIssues with the teeth, including crookedness, overcrowding, overbites, underbites and other problems that can be corrected with braces typically become eviden... Read More »

Is gum-grafting appropriate for a child who needs braces?

Even though I'm not a dentist, I know the answer. It is necessary because the braces pull on the teeth causing the gums to recede which will in time need to be fixed by gum grafting. So yeah, it is... Read More »

Are braces covered with Child Health Plus?

No, braces and retainers are not covered with Child Health Plus, because they are considered to be cosmetic dental work. However, emergency, routine and preventative dental care are covered service... Read More »

Help! My child just got her braces off and her front teeth are still crooked!?

Talk to the orthodontist and ask them what they are going to do to improve the outcome of your child's treatment. Of course if your child refused to wear the retainer, there is little the doctor ca... Read More »