When does windows 8 come out?

Answer Windows 8 comes out October 26. If it's true that you just bought a new Windows 7 PC, you qualify for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $15. Check out the link below for more details.

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When all computers come with windows 8 will they be down-gradable for windows 7?

Only if there are drivers for your hardware that are Windows 7 compatible. We had the same problem when they went from XP to Vista - not all computers could be downgraded because of the driver issue.

Where does Microsoft Windows 2003 go when Windows 2007 is installed?

If Office 2007 overwrites Office 2003, it removes the older suite from your computer. You can, however, run the versions concurrently, though Microsoft doesn't recommend it. Simply choose a differe... Read More »

How to Do System Restore on HP Computer With Windows Vista When Windows Does Not Load?

Every edition of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system includes the System Restore application. Enabled by default, this feature periodically generates copies of critical drivers, files and ... Read More »

Does Windows Vista come with Spider Solitaire?

All Windows Vista editions are equipped with Spider Solitaire. Windows Vista's Spider Solitaire features a new "hint" option that highlights available moves for players who get stuck, as well as 3... Read More »