When does unopened milk start to get bad?

Answer If it doesn't smell bad or taste bad, drink a cup.

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Is soy milk still good after the expiration date if left unopened?

You should not consume any product after its "best by" date has expired, according to Pearl Soy Milk. Drinking an opened dairy product after an expiration date can be dangerous because the product ... Read More »

When do dogs start producing milk?

at what stage of a dogs pregnancy do they start producing milk

When can you start pumping breast milk?

When colostrum comes in during late pregnancy, your nipples can leak it. However, you should NOT pump before you are considered full term, as pumping simulates breastfeeding, which in turn causes y... Read More »

When can I start introducing milk to my baby?

According to, you can start introducing milk to your baby at 12 months. Prior to that age, he won't be able to digest the protein contained in cow's milk. In addition, cow's milk doe... Read More »