Today's highlights does not connect to story when selected?

Answer Update the browser to the latest version to get things fixed.

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When you buy a new printer, does it usually come with ink i know they dont come with the USB cord.?

Printers like Lexmark and HP have combo color cartridges. Other printers have individual color cartridges. These are better because with combo cartridges when the red runs out you have to buy and w... Read More »

What does revise mean when you are writing a book or a story?

After writing a first draft (and subsequent drafts) of a book or story, the revision process begins. Whether performed by the author or by other individuals, a revision changes, reformats and/or re... Read More »

How to Come Up With a Thesis for a Story?

You can read literary short stories purely for plot and easy entertainment value, but they are complex and have more to offer if you look for it. They examine why people do the things they do and w... Read More »

Where did the story of Dracula come from?

Bram Stroker wrote the story of 'Dracula' using Vlad III Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory as inspiration.Vlad Dracula's name and Elizabeth Bathory's bloodlust.