When does heroes volume 5 start?

Answer read fall 2009 somewhere

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When does heroes series 2 start on sci-fi or the bbc?

It was 'Heres looking at you' and that was the first ever black and white programme on television

When does the new heroes series start volume 5?

NBC cancelled the TV series 'Heroes' May 14, 2010 - so there will not be a 5th season .

When does heroes volume 3 start in America?

*Note: This description only covers the anime.* Brief answer: It's about Suzumiya Haruhi, a girl obsessed with the supernatural (the three major things she usually shows interest in are aliens, ti... Read More »

When does Survivor Heroes vs Villains start?

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains starts February 11, 2010. It has already started (8:49pm)