Will run's house return to tv in 2011?

Answer Yes! House will return on January 17th, 2011 with the season 7 episode 9 titled "Larger than Life" which involves Cuddy's mom! Not House Run's House.

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Does anybody remember an 80s childrens Sci Fi show about some kids who find shape-shifting aliens in an old house where they transform into worm like creatures and have caverns under the house?

gidday mate i was just looking fore the same thing and then it hit me, its called animorphs

When will the tv show supernatural return to UK?

When will the TV show 'The Office' return?

TV GUIDE: The Office Expected to shoot 5 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May.April

When will the show numbers return?

The famous Mata Hari dance scene of Greta Garbo [September 18, 1905 - April 15, 1990] is recreated by Stefanie Powers [b. November 2, 1942] in the television series 'The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.' The o... Read More »