Eragon 2 movie release date?

Answer i havent even seen Eragon 1, besides, aasz long as the dvd isn't out, niether will the sequel.

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Will there ever be a eragon 2?

Not very likely. Although it did make a fair amount of money, most fans of the books (including myself) hated the movie for its major inaccuracies to the book and how its pacing made it feel like ... Read More »

How to Be Like Arya from "Eragon"?

Want to be like Arya from the Eragon series? Here's some nice, easy steps!

Who is Eragon's father?

In "Brisingr," the third novel in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle series, it is revealed (after much speculation) that Eragon's father is his deceased former mentor Brom. Brom had an affair... Read More »

Where can i watch the runaways movie online for free with no downloading or surveys the FULL movie?

You can watch Runaways movie online from . I love this movie. It's really very interesting..