When did Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premier on ABC Family?

Answer I am not sure, but my GUESS is probably around the time the 7th one *part 1* comes out. But, it is on a FREE movies On Demand channel. If you have Time Warner Cable, look for it!

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When is the next harry potter weekend on ABC family?

Which famous boy would u choose to be the next harry potter?

There will be no next Harry potter. Even if they started a film I would choose the same Daniel Radcliffe.

Best harry potter movie and why?

I didn't like the films as much as the books but I believe the last one really showed the most death (sadly) but also the most passion emotion and generally amazinglyawesomeness

When does the fifth Harry Potter come out on dish network?

AnswerYou can go to our website,, to view a listing of all the PPV and Video on Demand movies available each month. Just go to the Package link and then select either the PPV or Vid... Read More »