When does so you think you can dance season 5 start?

Answer May 21st -- According to "Fox announced the premiere dates for season 5 of SYTYCD. The show wil... Read More »

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When is the final finnally for so you think you can dance season 8?

Well, seeing as season 6 starts on September 2nd, I'd say, "a long time from now."

Elimination song for So You Think You Can Dance when Katie Season 4 was eliminated. It has the words I miss you in it.?

Emily and rosie and others its Emily rosie and Chelsea and i don't know his brothers oh and his mum iscalled lesely and his dad is called brian George sampsons family..Chelsie, Rosie, Emily, Luke,... Read More »

When does Bones season 8 & Dance Academy season 3 come to Netflix?

Bones not until the Season is over and after it's put out on DVD so not until around August/SeptemberAs for Dance Academy Season 3 hasn't even aired in Australia yet. Whenever it's done airing in A... Read More »

When does season 2 of dance moms air?