What are all the items that start with letter v?

Answer this would be a really long question. but you should just go to VaseVaccum CleanerVanVapor RubViolinetc.

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What items that start with the letter E?

Things That Begin With the Letter E Eggs, endive, eraser, elevator, Erasmus, Earl, engine, epilepsy,Ebola Virus, elephant, element, eggplant, egg, Eggos

How do I remove items from a start menu?

Remove Items from the Start MenuClick the "Start" button. Find the start menu item you would like to remove. Right-click on the item. Select "Remove from this list," or select "Unpin from Start Men... Read More »

How do i add items to the vista start menu?

Locate the program icon for the file you want to add to the Vista start menu. Find the icon on your desktop or by clicking "All Programs" from the start menu.Right-click on the program icon. Scroll... Read More »

How to Display the Run Items in a Start Menu?

After Microsoft introduced a graphical operating system, it left users the option to access programs with commands. In Windows XP, this came in the form of the "Run" command in the Start menu. In V... Read More »