Is the eighth season of scrubs the finale season?

Answer Yessky says: NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i Dont want it to be. tis my favorite tv show!!!

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When will scrubs season 8 be on in the UK?

I read somewhere that they haven't finalised a date yet, but it's only just been aired in America. If the Twilight movie is anything to go by, we will probably have to wait ages.dont worry my frind... Read More »

In the UK when does the 8th season of scrubs air and will it be on e4?

i read dat it will be coming soon not sure wen doe but at least its confirmed

When is the seventh season of scrubs on TV?

it was on last year u can still c some of season 7 on parmountsky chanle 126

How many episode is there in scrubs season 9?