I just saw twilight. why does everyone love that movie?

Answer i have no idea i thought it sucked it was a teenie bopper chick flick that who all likes it

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When a movie come out on DVD and BluRay, I see a message that the film has been modified to fit my TV screen?

They came to your house and looked through the window, darling. Of course.That's how I found out what size TV screen you have.(((Phak Hing)))

What is the first movie that pops into your head when I say "CLASSIC"?

When does the movie twilight come out for DVD and blu-ray?

It comes out on march 21st!you can search for it on amazon.It is a 2 disc special edition and it says what is on it!!!I can't wait!! Can you?!?!

Does baby talk when they just come out?

No, babies do not talk right after birth. They are not able to at that age.