When does the iTunes 30 day rental timer begin?

Answer It's when the download ends, it would be a rip-off to some people with bad computers who, and I'm not kidding, takes a few days to download a small file, let alone a movie.

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How to Extend Rental Time of iTunes Movie Rental?

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How long do you have rental movies on iTunes?

When you rent a movie through the iTunes Store you have 30 days to watch it before the rental expires. However, once you begin watching your rental you have only 24 hours to finish it. In that 24-h... Read More »

Can you watch rental videos from iTunes on an iTouch?

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How to Turn on Closed Captioning on an iTunes Rental?

If you are accustomed to using Closed Captioning to read what people are saying in the videos that you view on TV, you can also enable this feature when watching a video that you've rented and down... Read More »