When does the fig grow on the tree?

Answer The common fig produces two crops. The first crop, also called the breba crop, comes in the spring on the previous season's growth. The second crop, which is the main crop, comes in the fall on the... Read More »

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When does a pecan tree grow leaves?

According to Mexico State University, "pecan seedlings are characterized by rapid vegetative growth after seed germination." That doesn't mean the seedling will have leaves right away. The best tim... Read More »

You have a young lime tree it's about 5' tall when it gets little limes on it they grow for a while then drop off why does this happen?

Possibly the cause is underwatering as this can cause fruit to drop prematurely. ANSWER: TRY THIS LATE AT NIGHT, OR THE NEIGHBORS WILL COMMIT YOU. It could be your plant is known as "potted plant ... Read More »

When you grow an avocado tree do you put the pointed side of the pit or seed up or down?

To grow an avocado pit, put toothpicks around the pit and suspend it in a glass of water. Keep the bottom of the pit covered in water, and the pointed end goes up. The pit will sprout in less than ... Read More »

Does a pomegranate grow on a tree?

technically its a bush but it really looks like a treeyes pomegranates grow on trees