Best Nicholas Cage movie?

Answer Oh, man! To actually pick one is so hard. He is such a diverse actor. I mean from It Could Happen to You to the Rock to Con Air. He can do good bad but never ugly:) Man, there's something about tha... Read More »

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Movies nicholas cage is in?

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How to Make Your Bunny Come to You when You Open the Cage?

A rex rabbit on its way home from a rabbit show.So you got a new bunny? They are just adorable, but if your little rabbit doesn't want to be handled, read on to see how to make sure he is comfortab... Read More »

When does the movie twilight come out for DVD and blu-ray?

It comes out on march 21st!you can search for it on amazon.It is a 2 disc special edition and it says what is on it!!!I can't wait!! Can you?!?!

When does wizards of Waverly place the movie come out?

when does wizards of Waverly place the movie come out