Can you download music for PlayStation 3"Rock Band"?

Answer You can download music for the PlayStation 3 "Rock Band" game at the PlayStation website. Register on the site for the PlayStation Network to download music for "Rock Band." Your PlayStation Networ... Read More »

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Can you create a character in Rock Band for the PlayStation 3 system?

Both "Rock Band" and "Rock Band 2" for the PlayStation 3 feature the ability to create characters that can be used in both of the games' Career and Quick Play modes.References:IGN: Rock Band PS3 Re... Read More »

Does a Rock Band 2 guitar work with Rock Band special edition?

The Stratocaster guitar peripheral from the special edition of Rock Band does work with Rock Band 2 for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. The guitars from the Beatles Rock Band g... Read More »

Is the Rock Band World Tour game compatible with Rock Band?

Rock Band does not make a game called World Tour. World Tour is an entry in the Guitar Hero line of games. While similar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are two different games.Source:Guitar Hero World ... Read More »

Will Rock Band II drums work with Rock Band I game?

Yes, the drums included with "Rock Band 2" work with the original "Rock Band" video game on all four major consoles, including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, and Wii. You can also use the drum ... Read More »