When does right of counsel begin?

Answer In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Rothgery v. Gillespie County, Texas, that a defendant's Sixth Amendment right to counsel begins at his first appearance before a magistrate judge whe... Read More »

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What does competent counsel mean?

When a person is put on trial in the United States, he is granted the privilege of competent counsel. Also known as competent legal counsel, this means that the individual has the right to have an ... Read More »

Who is Google's patent counsel?

Google's patent counsel is Michelle Lee. Lee believes that the U.S. patent system is "in crisis" because "the patent office is overburdened." Lee wants reform in the U.S. patent system in order to ... Read More »

Does a Galactic Counsel really exist?

I think you mean, Galactic Council. The U.N. is the closest possible answer with the available amount of knowledge on the subject.

How to Do Qualitative Research in Counsel?

Qualitative research is descriptive rather than statistical and is used widely among social scientists. Research questions tend to be open-ended and participants are selected using certain criteria... Read More »