When does puberty typically end in females?

Answer Puberty is typically over in females by age 18. That is when the breasts are fully developed and have a rounded, adult shape. By this time, girls have pubic hair, their menstrual periods have becom... Read More »

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What is the brownish discharge during puberty for females?

If you haven't gotten your period yet, you probably will soon. It is normal so don't worry.

How Does a Male Know When He Hits Puberty?

When a male starts to notice his genitals growing and pubic hair forming, he is likely undergoing the process of puberty. During this process, a male’s voice starts to deepen, his body structure... Read More »

When does a woman typically start to show?

Answer It depends on the women. heavier women show later

How common is nausea and when is it typically observed in TMJ disorder/disease?

May I Suggest a MRI, I Don't Think it is the Cause of the Nausea.