When does pompas grass begin to grow?

Answer Try adding a bit less detergent. It could be that you are adding too much, causing a flow of bubbes. If that doesn't work, you might want to try a different detergent. We use Cascade 2 in 1 ActionP... Read More »

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Does grass grow when it's watered with milk?

Do not water grass with undiluted milk. The pH of milk changes the pH of soil, affecting grass growth, and the sugars and proteins contained in milk break down rapidly, causing the soil to turn "so... Read More »

When will carnations begin to grow?

Carnations are among the rare flowers that are not seasonal. This means that their growth is not largely affected by climate change so long as they are planted in temperatures above 45 degrees Fahr... Read More »

When do hostas begin to grow in the spring?

A hosta will begin showing sprouts or growth in the early or mid-spring, after several days of warm and sunny weather. The warmer and sunnier the weather, the faster the hosta will emerge. Cool, we... Read More »

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