When does jet lag occur?

Answer Jet lag occurs when the human body's biological clock is out of sync with the local time zone. This temporary disorder is caused by air travel through multiple time zones in a short amount of time.... Read More »

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When does plagiarism occur?

Plagiarism occurs when someone passes off another person's work as their own. This work can be writing, music or even just an idea. To avoid plagiarism, credit should always be given to the origin... Read More »

Can you have more pain during ovulation when taking clomid And what does it mean?

I produced 4 follicles when I was on Clomid and because 4 eggs released there was alot more cramping. The fluid that the eggs are in irritates the pelvis so the more eggs the more cramps. Sounds li... Read More »

When Does Bolting Occur in Plants?

The term "bolt," when referring to plants, is the reaction a plant may have to certain changes in its growing environment which cause it to prematurely develop flowers and seeds too quickly. Many v... Read More »

When does secondary succession occur?

Secondary succession begins on soil that has been cleared of vegetation by fire or agricultural practices. For example, a field is burned by wildfire. Grasses begin to grow first, followed by small... Read More »