When does one report teenage pregnancy?

Answer soon you missed a period or feeling sick and having nausea tell someone immediately

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When was teenage pregnancy declared a public health delimma?

I didn't realise it had been declared a public health dilemma

How does teenage pregnancy effect the economy?

Here a good amount of money is wasted on juvenile cases, hospital charges, and baby care and mothers may have to take up jobs to support a extra baby.It is a shear waste of money to me.

How does teenage pregnancy affect a family?

- There can be less money due to having to buy baby items and pay daycare. - The parents of the teen has their lives changed with a baby in the house again. - Less private time and more babysittin... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect childbirth?

Most teenagers do amazingly well as long as they have a good support system and know what to expect.