How to Be Like Norah from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist?

Answer Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist was indeed, an adolescent movie at heart. Music, friends, NYC at night, mix tapes, breaking-up, hooking-up, driving yellow Yugo's and finding your musical soulmat... Read More »

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How come Victor never joke around Nick & Victoria like he does with Adam?

Each relationship with each of his children is different I noticed that. Adam can be sarcastic and quick on his feet and very direct like his father so I guess Victor can relate on this level with ... Read More »

How come turbo nick won't work in Canada?

Yes there is. Her name is Nancy Juvonen.

When did Euclid prove infinite primes?

Euclid proved that there are infinite primes around 300 B.C. He is considered the first to have done this and his theories continue to play an important role in mathematics over 2000 years later.So... Read More »

Sansa c250 playlist how to make a playlist?

OK, here's the deal. Windows Media Player is fine for transferring files to the c250, but doesn't seem to know how to transfer playlists. For working with playlists, go into WinAmp, click on "Porta... Read More »