When does milk come in for a pregnant dog?

Answer In a pregnant dog, milk can usually be squeezed from the nipples seven to ten days before whelping. This occurs from day 53 to day 56 after the female dog has been bred. Puppy suckling stimulates t... Read More »

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If your period is 10 days late and when it finally does come it is brown is this a sign of being pregnant?

Can you take milk of magnesia when you are pregnant?

When i was 31 weeks pregnant i was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension and then pre-eclampsia and was put on 250mg tablets of methyldopa, i started on one tablet a day... 3 days later i w... Read More »

Is condensed milk safe when pregnant?

Yes it is because it's regular pasturized milk just boiled down to be thickened. It does contain more sugar and fat than regular milk though so be careful.

Where does Milk of Magnesia come from?