How much does it cost to go on the train from Newcastle to Nottingham,when you come back on the same day?

Answer If you buy the ticket on the day it will cost £65.50 for a cheap day saver, however if you are booking in advance you can book an apex ticket for as little as £20 return. The sooner you can book ... Read More »

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If you stand on a bridge and make a wish when a train goes under, does it always come true?

When does a clock chime midnight?

A clock chimes midnight at exactly 12:00 A.M. In reality, morning does not begin until 12:00:01 A.M., so clocks begin chiming during the second of space between night and morning.References:Greenwi... Read More »

How to Train Your Dog to Come when Called?

Are you tired of your dog not coming to you when you call him? Training your dog to come when called can be really easy once you know how. Follow these steps for some wonderful results.

How to train your rat to come when called?

Rats are very intelligent animals and can be trained to come when their name is called. However, it is important to remember that trust between your rat and yourself is very important in order for ... Read More »