Lakeside Shopping Centre Jealousy from Blondes...?

Answer Your too beautiful thats their problem girl. You sound gorgeous and ofcourse blondes with blue eyes think they are the best looking because of what media says. Media isnt true its just hype.I would... Read More »

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Would it be just as safe to convert a lakeside pool to saltwater?

This should not be a problem the amount of salt used in a salt water pool should not be a problem if there is any cross contamination. or you could use an environmentally kind form of salt instead ... Read More »

Where can you find history of antique vacuum cleaners made by the Lakeside Foundry located in Chicago and Kansas City?

How often does a roof terrace have to be re-done?

Just get a roofing contractor to look at it for you. If there has been storm damage or other trauma it may well need replacing...but it may just need some repair work and re-sealing...maybe the rid... Read More »

How do I buy a house with terrace design?

For many people, buying a home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. A house with a terrace design can be found with many different styles of homes. However, before embarking on an... Read More »