When does jet lag occur?

Answer Jet lag occurs when the human body's biological clock is out of sync with the local time zone. This temporary disorder is caused by air travel through multiple time zones in a short amount of time.... Read More »

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When does plagiarism occur?

Plagiarism occurs when someone passes off another person's work as their own. This work can be writing, music or even just an idea. To avoid plagiarism, credit should always be given to the origin... Read More »

When does the fall equinox occur?

The fall equinox, more commonly called the autumnal equinox, occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator causing day and night to be nearly the same length. In 2010, the autumnal equinox will... Read More »

When does respiration occur in plants?

Respiration in plants is constantly occurring, what changes with time is the product. This is because plants breathe both by absorbing oxygen through their pores and releasing carbon dioxide throug... Read More »

When does photosynthesis occur in lakes?

Photosynthesis in lakes--or anywhere else--occurs during daylight hours, as photosynthetic plants require sunlight as a source of energy to convert simple chemicals into complex foods. Scientists s... Read More »