When does it make sense to file bankruptcy?

Answer On One Hand: How Close Are You To Retirement?Your age plays a significant factor in deciding to file for bankruptcy, according to the Bankruptcy Lawyer Network. If you are struggling to pay down cr... Read More »

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In case the mortgage balance is substantially higher than the market value of a Florida Condo does it even make sense for an association to file a lien for unpaid dues?

It all depends. If the governing documents for the association and state law indicate that assessments -- you call them dues -- are automatically liens against the title, and have a priority posit... Read More »

Can a bank make you close your account if you file for bankruptcy?

A bank cannot make you close your account due to bankruptcy. However, if you owe money to the bank, it can seize your account and choose not to offer its services any longer. It may be harder to ge... Read More »

How soon after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy can you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code allows debtors to file for bankruptcy multiple times, but has changed the number of years you must wait between filings. Previously, a debtor could file under either Chapt... Read More »

When can i file a second bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Sooner Than You ThinkThere are many myths as to when one is allowed to file for a second bankruptcy. Thankfully, it can be sooner than you think. According to "If the debto... Read More »