When does hydrogen become a liquid?

Answer Hydrogen's natural state is in gas form. It is the lightest of all gases, about 1/15 the weight of air. Hydrogen has the second lowest boiling point, just behind helium. At -252.76 degrees Celsius ... Read More »

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At what psi does hydrogen become a liquid?

Liquefying some gases, such as hydrogen, is difficult. This is because hydrogen has such a high critical temperature, or the temperate above which it is impossible to liquefy regardless of increase... Read More »

Is hydrogen a liquid?

Hydrogen naturally occurs as a diatomic gas composed of two hydrogen molecules, represented by the chemical symbol H2. Colorless and odorless, hydrogen does not exist in liquid form; however, it ca... Read More »

Disadvantages of Liquid Hydrogen?

Liquid hydrogen is the liquid state of the chemical element hydrogen. From its gaseous state, hydrogen is simultaneously pressurized and cooled below its critical point. Typically, it is used as hy... Read More »

How cold is liquid hydrogen?

Liquid hydrogen is the second phase (the liquid phase) of the gaseous element hydrogen. Hydrogen does not condense into a liquid until it reaches an extremely cold temperature: -434.5 degrees Fahre... Read More »