When does htc pro touch come out?

Answer Using the button on the top-right of your phone. Push and release quickly just once, and your iPhone will lock.

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When does the iPod touch 5g come out?

There currently isn't an answer, however it is rumoured that it will be released this September, if not this September, Apple will tell you the release date for it, this September, so it's either r... Read More »

When does the t-mobile your touch 3G come out?

It depends what taste you have in phones. ; ] ♥

When did the iPod Touch come out?

it came out in 2007 on September 5th.The first generation iPod touch released September 13, 2007.

When will the i pod touch 5 come out ?

Not soon I can assure you. As you can see iPod Touch is not the main goal for Apple, they focus more on the stuff people mostly buy such as iPads and iPhones and Macbook's. You never know, I don't ... Read More »