When you buy a new printer, does it usually come with ink i know they dont come with the USB cord.?

Answer Printers like Lexmark and HP have combo color cartridges. Other printers have individual color cartridges. These are better because with combo cartridges when the red runs out you have to buy and w... Read More »

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What is a non budgetary barrier that hinders the creation of new policy initiatives in US politics?

When does the new iphone4 come out?

IF you have a computer and have installed itunes on it (no duh you wouldn't have apps with out i tunes:P) all your apps, videos and songs SHOULD be saved on i tunes so just sync the iphone 4 2 itun... Read More »

When does Moonlight come out on DVD?

Moonlight will be released on DVD January 20th, 2009 in the US! It is already out in Europe.By the way ~ that week in January is gonna be great for Moonlight fans. Not only does the tv show's box s... Read More »

When does the iPhone 5 come out?