When does flu season start in Australia?

Answer The flu season in Australia typically begins in May each year, as that is the beginning of winter for that region. It ends in late October to November, the beginning of the warm weather in Australi... Read More »

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When does Merlin season 3 start in Australia?

They said some time around September but don't know what date ^ This is wrong! Merlin Series 2 started on Sunday 25th of April (2010) so I presume Merlin Series 3 will start around the same time t... Read More »

When does Bones season 7 start in Australia?

yes each party gets $500.00 plus whoever loses they pay the judgment I was on it in 2005

When does supernatural season 5 start in Australia?

Season 5 of Supernatural starts in Australia 30th of November 2009 at 8:30 to 10:30 on channel ten. Because it goes for 2 hours i would say it is a double episode showing the first two of season 5.... Read More »

When does supernatural season 6 start in Australia?

No idea but they need to finish airing season 5 first... Hope they get on with it!! EDIT: Actually, it's already started airing. Channel 11 so you'd better be able to get DTV!