When does early voting begin in Tennessee?

Answer Early voting in Tennessee starts 20 days before the election. There are two ways to vote early. You can vote in person or by mail. Anyone can vote early in person, but to vote early by mail, you mu... Read More »

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When does early voting begin in Memphis, Tennessee?

Early voting in Memphis, Tennessee, begins three weeks before an election. The early vote period lasts for two weeks, and ends four or five days before an election. This is the case for local, stat... Read More »

How to Restore Voting Rights for a Felon in Tennessee?

Tennessee enacted stringent laws with regard to convicted felons and ex-felons who wish to restore have their voting rights. Tennessee state law prohibits voting by anyone convicted of serious crim... Read More »

When did early voting start?

The beginning of early voting, according to Reed College Professor Paul Gronke, can vary upon your definition of early voting. The first known instance of non-precinct voting in large quantities wa... Read More »

Does Mississippi have early voting?

The state of Mississippi does not have early voting. Mississippi does, however, allow absentee voting if a registered voter is unable to vote on the election day. Absentee ballots are available at ... Read More »