When does buttermilk go bad?

Answer When stored in a refrigerator set between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, buttermilk will last for one to two weeks before spoiling. Typically, buttermilk goes bad after the expiration date listed on... Read More »

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Can you use buttermilk instead of sour cream when making mashed potatoes?

You can use buttermilk in mashed potatoes. There are several recipes that use it in place of sour cream and other milk-based ingredients. Buttermilk adds the tartness and creaminess of sour cream w... Read More »

Does buttermilk contain estrone?

Buttermilk contains a small amount of estrone, a female hormone related to estrogen. Estrone levels in dairy products increase as fat content increases. Although buttermilk is relatively low in fat... Read More »

Does buttermilk contain estrogen?

Studies have found that dairy products such as buttermilk, whole milk and 2 percent milk contain biologically active estrogen metabolites. Among them, skim milk contains the least amount of estroge... Read More »

.......buttermilk pie.......?

If it is a buttermilk custard pie, I would say no because of the long bake time. If it is a buttermilk cream pie (,1837,156… it will work fine. There is also a cr... Read More »