When does an individual need to file taxes?

Answer You must file taxes by April 15 or request an extension if your income exceeds the threshold for your filing status and age. For example, in 2009 if you were single and under 65, you had to file a ... Read More »

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What is the percentage of federal taxes in alabama for an individual?

Federal income tax in Alabama varies according to income and exemptions. It is not dependent on Alabama's laws. The IRS provides a withholding calculator to help determine tax burdens. In 2009, an ... Read More »

What is the maximum amount an individual can make without owing taxes?

The maximum amount an individual can make without owing taxes is $9,350 (as of 2010). This figure is based on the general individual exemption and the standard deduction available for singles who f... Read More »

Can You File State Income Taxes Before Federal Taxes?

Although you do not have to file your federal return first, many states' tax returns require information from your federal return. This means you will have to complete your federal return before yo... Read More »

How to File for Bankruptcy As an Individual Debtor?

Bankruptcy is an effective - way to protect you from your creditors - but drastic. The procedures are governed by federal law and are designed to give you a fresh financial start. In October 2005, ... Read More »